I had the loveliest time strolling through the sand with Tambra and Barney for their summer engagement photos in St. Pete Beach, Florida!

Casual Summer Engagement Photos in St. Pete Beach, Florida

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What a lovely evening this was with Tambra and Barney, strolling along the shores of St. Pete Beach as the sun set over the waves. This session was full of laughter, little stolen glances between these two, and plenty of beachy fun – a must if you’re doing a session in Florida, of course! What more could you dream up for your romantic, sunset engagement photos in St. Pete Beach?

Tambra & Barney’s Engagement Session in St. Pete Beach

Their tear-jerking love story

As a wedding photographer, I’m all about getting to know my couples outside of just the scope of photographer & clients; getting to know their backstory, their quirks, their values, and what’s most important to them. It’s nearly impossible to capture the true authenticity of a relationship without a little bit of insight into what it looks like on a day-to-day basis, so I always love asking my couples about how they met – was it love at first sight? Who made the first move? Do you take your coffee with cream and sugar? (okay, maybe that one isn’t quite necessary) 😉 Things like this help me get to know you before our session even starts, so that you feel 100% comfortable & yourself in front of the camera, and I know how to best capture your real love.

Tambra and Barney’s love story, from how they met to their engagement on a Florida beach, is truly special and worth sharing. They met at Buffalo Wild Wings, where Barney was a bartender and Tambra was a server. Despite being near strangers, their romantic journey began with a romantic encounter. She went on to say that if you’re a person of faith, their story may be a bit of a tear-jerker. Tambra was in a not-so-great relationship before meeting him, and found herself on the side of the road one day, begging God to send her a man who truly loved her. And the VERY next day, Barney walked up to her and said, “I’m not trying to hit on you or anything, but you’re really pretty.” He walked away right after – in her words, “like a weirdo” – and somehow in that moment, she just knew.

Fast forward to now – Tambra & Barney’s favorite thing to do together is go on adventures! They love a nice hike, a fun trip to the beach, or a pretty drive to the springs. They love everything about being outdoors together, and have a soft spot in their heart for the mountains (where they eventually want to move back to!). After hearing about how their relationship started and seeing just how much love they hold for each other, I knew their engagement session in St. Pete Beach was going to be just effortless, and so full of joy!

A romantic stroll along the shores of St. Pete Beach, Florida

On the day of their beach photoshoot in St. Pete Beach, Florida, I met Tambra and Barney just before sunset. These two looked like total models walking along the shores, dipping their toes in the water while they snuggled up close; it looked like they were shooting for a beachy cover of Vogue magazine. I swear I barely had to do anything – they made my job too easy with the way they naturally posed with each other; Barney kissing the top of Tambra’s head, holding each other’s hands as they hugged, her leaning back into his lap on a giant rock, making it seem like a routine for them.

As the Florida sun dipped below the horizon, it cast Tambra and Barney in a stunning, pastel-hued glow. The sky transformed with dreamy shades of yellow, orange, pink, purple, and a touch of blue. Our beach evening couldn’t have been more ideal, complete with sunshine, clouds, and a gentle breeze.

And can I please take a moment to appreciate their outfit choices? Because my goodness – I’ve never seen a simple white & denim combo look so good. Tambra wore a solid white tank and denim blue shorts, and Barney matched with a white tee & dark blue jeans. Despite some fashion advice against matching, their coordination with slight denim variations proved that when done right, it looks killer. The mix of tank top, short sleeve, and varied denim washes created a chic, coordinated look, defying the tacky stereotype.

Why choose St. Pete Beach for your engagement photos?

If you and your partner are dying to have a romantic beach engagement session like Tambra and Barney’s, but you don’t know what location to pick, let me tell you a little bit about why I love St. Pete Beach! If you’re not familiar with the area, St. Pete Beach isn’t actually a specific beach – it is a beautiful coastal town, located on the west coast of Florida. Its laid-back atmosphere offers a relaxing escape, whether you’re exploring museums, lounging at your resort, or enjoying the beautiful beaches. I would say that the best time to take engagement photos in St. Pete Beach is March-May. The weather is nice and warm (perfect for beach days), and you don’t have to worry about hurricanes.

St. Pete Beach Engagement Photographer

I’m Lucy, a St. Pete Beach engagement photographer based in Sarasota, and I am absolutely in love with photographing couples like you! Since picking up a camera at 22, I’ve found immense joy in creating authentic images that tell lasting stories and capture cherished memories. I would love to connect and see if we’re a match made in heaven for your Florida wedding or engagement – you can learn more about me here, get information on wedding packages here, and get in touch with me here so I can hear all about your unique story!

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